Australia is a place to come back over and over again. The endless and amazing nature, the multi cultural society, the food, the infrastructure, the animals, the beach and fishing adventures.....we just LOVE it!


From the Gold Coast to Cairns.... and the rest will follow ;-)

Salt water Crocodile in Daintree River. This crocodile is called The King.
Platypus in the Broken River in Eungella National Park
Milkey way as seen from the range in the Arcadia Valley.
Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast 2019
Beach at the Gold Coast, Queensland
Whales in front of the beach at Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast
Whales in front of the beach at Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast
Cruising the beach on Fraser Island!
On the way back from the Champagne Pools
S.S. Maheno on the beach of Fraser Island photographed from the sea side
Inside the S.S. Maheno on Fraser Island
Catching fish on Fraser Island 75 miles beach
Driving the 75 Miles Road on Fraser Island with a 4WD
Dingo seen on the beach on Fraser Island
Champagne Pools on Fraser Island
Lake McKenzie beach full with tourist as seen from the drone
Relaxing with inflatable tubes in Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island
Crocodile at the Australia Zoo from the family from Steve Irwin
Wild Lizard sunbathing at a rock in the Australia Zoo
Brisbane skyline shot from the bridge

We love New South Wales because of the nature, fishing, the people, Sydney, Manly and all other places not mentioned. We have been here twice in 2019 and we will come back as much as possible!


Western Australia during the trip in December 2018 & January 2019 with the camper.


Following the Great Ocean Road, digging for gold in old mining cities like Ballarat and hiking in National Park The Grampions back in 2017.

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